Hard van Brabant adventure race

After the Blue Bear adventure race on the third of March there is yet another adventure race; The hard van Brabant race. This race is a little closer to home and located in the vicinity of Tilburg. The Hard van Brabant adventure race is a race of 5, 10 or…

Blue Bear Adventure Race Berlicum

On the third of March (2018) an adventure race will be held in Berlicum. The adventure race will take 8 hours. Subscribing is not yet possible, once it opens a link will be placed on this page.


The run for beginners as we usually promote it. This will be the run that is most suitable to start with if you joined All Terrain this year. There will be plenty of people assisting you to get over all the obstacles. Transportation will be provided off course, at a…

Survival Run Hang-On

Survival Run Hang-on is a challenging and exciting race in Doorn. With 24 years of experience they always know how to make in impressing route for us. The subscriptions are beginning to get full, so you should subscribe quickly. More information can be found here (Dutch version) and a direct…

Survivalrun Ede’s Best

We have been challenged to participate in the Ede's Best run, of which more information can be found here. Direct registration can be done here. Register for Recreanten individueel or Recreanten Groepen if you have formed a group with which you want to start. Transportation will be provided by All…

Tartaros Campus Challenge

The survival run of our sister association Tartaros is coming up. They are organizing the Dutch Student Survival Run Championship this year. So of course we need to make a good impression. More information can be found here and a direct link to the subscriptions can be found here. (subscribe…

Survival Run Simius Hircus

We got Simius Hircus to find 6 spots to participate in their race. If you want to join and use the transportation provided by us. Register yourself below, the costs will be 16,60 euro for participation and transportation. We will forward the registrations made here to Simius Hircus.

SurvivalStrijd Conquer the Campus Delft

On Saturday May 13th S.B.V. Slopend hosts the SurvivalStrijd, a yearly run on the TU Delft campus! Categories: Seven City Survival Battle (9km, €15,00) Short Run (groups 5,5km, €6,50pp) Short Run (individuals 5,5km, €6,50pp) (€6,00 extra for non-SBN members) Register Here

SurviFELstrijd Nijmegen

The first edition of the SurviFELrun will be held on Monday the 22nd of may! The run will be 5,5 km long with about 24 obstacles. Costs: €10,- pp Categories: solo group of 4 people Register Here