Orientation run training

On Monday the 27th of November there will be another fun activity for you join! We are going to do an orientation run. Orientation runs are a tiny bit different from our regular survival run training sessions. You will be split up into groups of two, given a set of…

Knotting course

An important part of being a member of All Terrain is to be able to make proper knots. Not only is it cool to know how to properly make certain knots, it is also essential and helpful during the preparations of our regular training sessions.Hence, every now and then, a…

Summer Training: Knotting Course

To update everyone's knotting skills we will organize another course. This is very useful if you're quite new to All Terrain.  

Summer training: AT-GO

AT-GO is a running game where teams have to find objectives on a map while being hunted by the other teams. The team that found the most objectives wins. What you need: A phone with camera

Summer training: Adventure race

An Adventure race is a race of mixed sports with checkpoints. The race is done as a duo. With the use of orienteering you have to find checkpoints. The score is determined by counting the checkpoints minus one point for every x minutes that you finish later then the allowed…
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