Orientation run training

November 27th @ 19:00 - November 27th @ 23:00

On Monday the 27th of November there will be another fun activity for you join! We are going to do an orientation run.

Orientation runs are a tiny bit different from our regular survival run training sessions. You will be split up into groups of two, given a set of coordinates and some hints. The goal of you and your teammate is to reach as many points as possible in a given timeframe. The team who can find the most points wins. We will gather at 19:30 for a short briefing in the SSC canteen.

For those who have no experience with finding coördinates on a map, there will be a short tutorial 15 minutes prior to the event. If you want to follow this short tutorial, we expect you to be present at 19:00.

Subscribing is individual, but you can already form teams beforehand. Just be sure that your teammate also has subscribed to the event.

What to bring:

  • -A protractor (one per team is enough)
  • -A pen
  • -Running shoes and clothes
  • -A plastic sleeve to hold your map

Details and Registration

Date and Time
2017-11-27 19:00
2017-11-27 23:00

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